Stop Blaming YouTube or the Algorithm for Your Content Not Performing Well

YouTube Algorithm Explained for 2019

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What is the New YouTube Algorithm?

YouTube made some huge changes in 2012 when they decided that what mattered most was watch time & not clicks or views. On March 15, 2012, YouTube changed it’s metric to Watch Time. When this happened, there was a huge increase in Watch Time.

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How big was this increase in watch time?

  • 2012 100 Million Hours Watched
  • 2019 1 Billion Hous Watched

This was a huge change, considering that 70% of YouTube Views comes from YouTube when you combine an increased rate in CTR & Watch Time. With the new AI, Google Brain, information is data-driven & takes YouTube’s various algorithms to help predict what the viewer will watch next.

YouTube wants its audience to stay on YouTube Longer.

If you’re a YouTube Content Creator, you have to think about what will your viewers want to watch next? How is your content relatable to your ideal viewer or audience? How are other influencer’s content relatable to your content & how can this content be suggested by YouTube?

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Begin by focusing on your channel and on your content. Stop blaming YouTube or the Algorithm. Use your creativity, ideas, thoughts, planning & anything else that helps you be creative & create great content that will get your audience or viewers to watch more of your videos.

How can you Improve your Content On YouTube?

Ask yourself “how you can improve your content? How is your title? How is your thumbnail? How is your video content & CC? Are you using descriptions effectively?

Next, go into YouTube Studio Beta & use the Video Performance Funnel. Look at your impressions & the information Icon. Find out where your views are coming from. Are they coming from the Home Page? Watch Page? Are they coming from an external source? So remember, ask yourself “Is my thumbnail good? Is my title good? Are they both good?

What is CTR?

The CTR is the Click Through Rate, the higher the click-through rate, the better your watch time, because your content is boosted. In addition to that, you can increase your CTR by improving data points within your video, for example, using Time Stamps, Polls, Questions & Info Cards. FYI, the more that YouTube recommends your content the lower the click-through rate because no one is clicking on your Thumbnail to watch your video.

So what is a good performing video? How is your video or content relative to others? How are other’s video similar to yours? How does your video compare to others in your niche or vertical? Make sure you make clickable titles, spend more time on your title & thumbnail.

Why is View Duration So important?

The longer that viewers are watching your content the better your click-through rate & longer watch time minutes for your channel. Remember that if your title says for example “Drugstore Beauty Finds under $5″ then your first 8-10 seconds should say ” In this video, I will be talking about Drugstore Beauty Finds under $5.” Maximize on Meta Data(Text used to name video & thumbnail), from the name of your video to thumbnail, to description & tags. You want your viewers to watch your videos because you have a great title, thumbnail & content. Your goal is to aim for 50% for shorter videos & at least 30% for longer form videos.

Finally, make sure you have a CTA or ways for your viewer or audience to watch more of your videos. Have an end screen, have cards suggesting more of your videos, create playlists that will automatically play videos that your viewer can watch. Pin comments with links to other videos or have links or playlists to other videos in your description.

Remember, YouTube is all about the Viewer & their experience in watching content on their platform. The goal is to have viewers stay on longer. Once you can master this by understanding your analytics & seeing what videos are performing well & why you can definitely increase the amount of watch time & CTR for your videos.

I hope this blog post helps.

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