What do you need to grow, strategize & monetize your Instagram profile?

Instagram App

Step 1: Get a Business Profile/ Account on Instagram
Step 2: Know the Business Analytics. The Clock on the left is the archived posts & the three lines on the right are your insights.

From Insights, you can see your activity in terms of days & times you post, your discovery, reach and impressions. In addition to this, you can view your content & audience information regarding your followers.

Instagram App

Go to your profile and click on any post. You can click on “View Insights”. You can see how many profile visits you are getting. You can also see the number of website clicks you are getting from your IG Profile. In addition, you can see the overall reach in total from Instagram. Also with this amazing tool, you can now see how many “follows” you received because of this type of post.
Finally, you can see the number of impressions (total number of times your post has been seen). Your reach ( the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts), profile visits (the number of times your profile was viewed) and follows (the number of accounts that started following you).

In using this IG Hack, you are able to see what type of content or posts your audience & people on Instagram are liking, engaging and saving. In addition to that, you can create a list of what type of posts your audience, tribe & community are liking & commenting on the most. By doing this, you can create more posts like this which in turn will get you more comments, likes & shares. When you are creating more engagement & likes Instagram’s AI will share your post in the search or home button because they see that you are getting people to stay on Instagram longer. Finally, by getting more eyes on your content you are increasing the probability of getting more followers on Instagram who are “your tribe.” You want to create a very specific niche based community that is all about you & your individual brand as well as content, so this is key.

I challenge you to try this strategy for a month. Use the hashtag #EstelaIGHack to challenge yourself with this new strategy. Screenshot your profile & analytics today and on December 6th screenshot it again. I want to see how many of you grow from this IG Hack. I hope this truly helps your individual brand & business on Instagram.


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