Alexis started her content creation at the young age of 14 as a Freshman in Highschool. She was introduced to the Beauty Community by watching hair and beauty videos on YouTube.

Alexis is motivated in knowing that “Every step is going to be better than the last one.” She is a firm believer in understanding as a micro influencer continues their journey they will get better over time.

What are some obstacles that Alexis has faced as a content creator?

Since Alexis was only 14 years old when she started, she didn’t have a job and only had a basic point and shoot camera.  It was also hard for her to save money and she remembers purchasing ELF beauty products because those were the only products she could afford at the time.  She shared the obstacles of looking into a mirror and then back at the camera to make sure that she was focused and centered. Consistency is another obstacle that Alexis has faced throughout the years of creating content.

What is the hardest aspect of being a Micro Influencer for Alexis?

The hardest aspect of being a micro influencer is understanding that being a small content creator has its own downfalls. However, consistency will help build your audience. In addition, having high-quality content, consistency and putting in the work will get you noticed by brands who will give you an opportunity to work with them because of the work you put into your content. One of the biggest turning points in Alexis’s career as a content creator was being accepted into Ipsy Os with 300-400 subscribers at the time. Alexis shared how attending Generation Beauty, going to the Cocktail Party, attending creator day & meeting other influencers really solidified her purpose for creating content and meeting other influencers like her.

What are some strategies Alexis has?

She stressed the importance of pre-filming at least 10 videos so that you always have content to share. Alexis also suggested creating and having a schedule for filming, editing and sharing your content.

What are Alexis’s Dream Collabs?

Alexis would love to collab with Hey Paris, who is another YouTuber who has a well-rounded channel.

What are her Bible Products?

Her DSLR Camera and Good Lighting

Alexis’s Equipment:

  1. IMovie for Editing
  2. Cannon T7i
  3. Ring Light
  4. Natural Lighting

Alexis’s biggest takeaway is to never give up. 

Where can you find Alexis?




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