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Hello, Beauties:

This week I wanted to focus on Limiting Yourself & teaching you strategies to own you’re magic. Being comfortable is not equivalent to being confident or content. As women, bloggers & influencers we often limit our own success because of fear. We do not want to step out of our comfort zone. We rather remain where we are in our lives because we are comfortable with what we have. We would rather have brands contact us for collaborations or partnerships or invite us to events. We rather settle for being mediocre & share similar content or types of content & posts that others are sharing instead of finding our voice or servicing our audience with content that will inspire, empower or educate. Why? Do we not believe in ourselves full or have enough confidence to do this? We should have the courage to connect with brands & pitch to them. We should try to step outside our comfort zone & do something different even if we fail. We are still finding our voice.

Estela Estremera sharing a blog post on Limiting Yourself & Owning Your Magic

Everyone is excited about what is coming in the future or in the next year for 2020. Everyone is sharing an “unspoken” project instead of just working & letting your successes speak for itself. If you are doing the same thing that you were doing last year & continue to do so, you will remain in the same place with no ROI. You need to have self-belief & know who you are as a person. You need to know how amazing you are & stop asking others who do not serve you or love you for validation or confirmation. You do not need confirmation from others who do not know you or who aren’t personally in your life to reaffirm you amazing value, strengths & qualities that you have as a person. Stop looking for flaws or insecurities in the type of woman you are. Instead, look at the positive qualities & strengths you do have.

Become Resourceful & Invest in Yourself.

If you need to educate yourself on how to design, edit, create, write or curate content invest in your education through a course or content, such as YouTube videos that will teach you something that will increase your value. If you want to learn something, Google it. Let Google become your best friend. Instead of asking others for information that they will not give you or be 100% about, research what is it you want to learn. Nothing is going to be handed to you automatically. There are too many “influencers” who want “overnight” success, without putting in the work or failing. It is going to take time, energy & effort to become better. If you are not investing in yourself, you are telling yourself that you are not worth it. You are confirming your own fears. Do not let that happen.

Believe in Yourself & Your Personal Brand

Find What inspires you. Find your niche. Stop imitating content, posts, or types of posts. Find your own individual lane that will make you successful. You have your own goals. Stop comparing yourself with someone who has a different set of goals. Use your talent to build a schedule, personal brand & lifestyle that you want. Stop looking at other people’s feeds, stop commenting if it’s ingenuine because you are expecting “support” back. Instead, believe in the value that you are going to deliver. Believe in what you are going to provide your audience. Stop changing your content, feed, style & constantly trying to reinvent yourself by imitating others. Bring YOUR value. Own YOUR worth. Spend time in what brings your financial, emotional or professional value.

Estela Estremera sharing a blog post on Limiting Yourself & Owning Your Magic

Encourage other Women

However, observe who is commenting on your posts or content even when you may not always engage with theirs because you are in your work but still know their importance & worth to engage with them when you have the time. If they stop commenting when you do not engage then this should confirm the type of “friend” or woman you have in your circle. Encouragement should not have an expectation, only a business transaction should. Your tribe consists of people who continuously give or bring value & positivity regardless of their own personal expectation. If you happen to outgrow them personally or professionally, then you move with your life without being petty or overanalyzing the situation because you do not have the time or energy to focus on what is not serving you. Positivity & encouragement should begin in a humble place. It should begin with you.

Motivate Yourself

Begin your day by creating content instead of consuming content. If there is content that is not serving you, why consume it. Instead, focus on the content you have to create & then consume content with intention. Instead of always commenting within the same group of women or “influencers,” comment on the women who inspire you, bring you joy, empower you to be better or motivate you. Think of Marie Kondo & Your Content. Remove those people, things or activities that do not bring you joy. Comment on new content that inspires you empowers you & motivates you. If that content creator loves your message & value they will engage with you’re content because there was no expectation. In doing so, their audience will see who they engage with & also view your content, follow, like or subscribe if you inspire, empower or motivate them. The power of moving people emotionally & impacting their life is the most powerful asset you can have because you always had this magic within you. Own your magic. Stop limiting yourself by limiting your value & your circle. Be confident in yourself as a woman.

Estela Estremera sharing a blog post on Limiting Yourself & Owning Your Magic

I hope you continue to believe in yourself & your magic. Know your worth & you value.

As Always,

XOXO Estela

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John Doe

Estela Estremera is a NJ Based Influencer from NYC, turned suburban mom who graduated from The College of New Rochelle with a Bachelor's Degree in Education & also graduated from Queens College in NYC with a Master's Degree in Education. After graduating, Estela became a Special Education Teacher for nearly 20 years. After accomplishing so much in her professional career, Estela began sharing her love of beauty & lifestyle when she was not able to relate to the influencers or brands who were marketing products to her that were not specifically targeting her age or demographic.