Social Media Management

  • Email Management, Task Management & Correspondence
  • Social Media Strategy: Examine existing Social Media Strategy & give detailed recommendations on for new strategy moving forward & analyzing results
  • Social Media Monitoring: keywords/phrases tracked for your specific social media accounts. Brand Management
  • Writing/Editing Content for the blog or website. Social Media Copy for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube & Website/Blog
  • Content Posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest &/or YouTube
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Blog Post with SEO Research
  • Editing, Scheduling, SEO for YouTube Videos

Social Media Rate Per Hour – $30- $40 Hour
Invoice is sent via Pay Pal

Social Media Social Networking Technology Innovation Concept

Social Media Setup & Management

Content creation involves organization & strategy. Efficient social media setup and management takes time and an understanding of the platforms and, more importantly, your business. I can help you with: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

$199 per platform, per month.

(Option to Pay Monthly Per Platform) Invoice is sent via Pay Pal


  • Social Media Calendar & planning using Social Media Software.
  • Increased Consistency with posts & content.
  • Increased engagement & interaction with your targeted audience.
  • Use of SEO across Social Media Platforms.
  • Keyword & Hashtag research to increase visibility.
  • Social Media Management across all platforms that represents your individual brand.
  • Social Media Copies for social media platforms & blog.
  • Editing, proofreading & transcribing visual content.
  • Email Marketing
  • Email & Correspondence Management
  • Scheduling
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Track Progress of Social Media Platforms Weekly
  • Social Media Calendar Content Planning