So many of us do so much yet do not give ourselves the credit that we deserve when it comes to being the CEO of our families.

How Moms Do it All!

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How did we do it?

” I have to do the laundry, I have to clean the house, I have to organize the house & I have to cook! I need some me time.” How many of us are saying these exact words to ourselves as we are living our busy lives? So many of us do so much yet do not give ourselves the credit that we deserve when it comes to being the CEO of our families.

My Struggles

My son is 15 years old & I still cannot believe that I went through so much with him as a young mom at 23. He was diagnosed with Autism at 17 months. I knew that something was “not right.” I was working two jobs, going to school full time to get my Master’s Degree in Education & literally being a full-time therapist to my son. I was so exhausted from working, going to school & taking care of him, that there were times that I completely forgot to take care of myself.

My son was going to school at almost 2 years old, getting physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy & ABA therapy all before he entered kindergarten. I was also saving money so that I can move into a new apartment because I wanted to create a home that was filled with color, love & of course home decor including children’s toys. As a young mother, I never really thought about the type of life I wanted to live or wanted to manifest for myself. HGTV or “Fixer Upper” was not even a thought & YouTube was definitely “not a thing” in the words of Jaclyn Hill.

In addition to that, I felt like a “mombie.” I felt like I never slept or enjoyed doing things that most young mothers do with their “normal” little ones. My free time was spent going to a specialist or taking my son to different places for educational purposes. I especially remember living close to a “normal” life when I finally married my husband.

How do moms do it all?

As I’m remembering these fond memories & now look at my son in amazement because he is now in general education, I thought of all of you who do it all. You do so much & do not credit yourselves enough. I wanted to tell you to stop being so hard on yourselves & comparing your lives to the lives of these women on social media who have this seemingly “perfect” life & most beautiful homes, wear the “prettiest” makeup, or are so young & beautiful without giving yourselves appreciation & acknowledging how beautiful you are.

I know that some of you are tired, I know that some of you are SAHM’s or stay at home moms who take care of your children, who clean, who cook & who do so much. I want you to know to take care of yourselves, give yourselves some time for self-care, a bubble bath, drink some coffee, go for coffee or go to Target solo if your husband can stay with the kids & even if he doesn’t volunteer, let him stay. Finally, for those single mothers, I was there, I had a son with Autism & that’s when I learned to ask for help. That’s when I learned to ask my family for help or friends who really loved me &  to watch my son so I can just get an hour to myself even if it was at home. Moms do it all. We are the center of our house, we are the center of our families & the purpose of filling each piece of our lives with love, beauty & happiness. Don’t ever take away the power of being who you are, don’t ever take away the power of how much you can do because let’s face it, if a man or even our significant others, whether is your husband or boyfriend had our jobs, they would not survive. Know that you are beautiful, powerful & can do it all with self-care.

Tips for #selfcare

  • Create a Routine
  • Put your child or kids to bed at a scheduled time 7:30 or 8:00 so that way you can have much needed alone time.
  • Watch your favorite show on the couch with a cup of coffee or cocoa.
  • Bullet Journal what you have accomplished in the day
  • Read personal development
  • Go shopping: Retail Therapy in beauty, fashion or for the home always makes me happier
  • Use Essence Oils in the home to uplift your spirits I use Wen Peppermint Almond oil. (I even put it in cleaning products)
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Leave the kids with your husband, their father or loved ones
  • Ask for help
  • Positive Daily Affirmations like “I Got This!”


I hope these tips & my story help you in your life. I hope they make a difference in how you see yourself. I see you as a strong, relentless, fearless, beautiful & truly inspiring women that you are. Stay inspired! Stay Motivated & until the next blog post.


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John Doe

Estela is a Plus Size Latina Blogger & Mom who loves everything about living your best life through sharing her lifestyle, home decor, organization, beauty & social media tips. She believes in living a life full of your favorite things, in color & out loud while being present for the moments that matter most. Join Estela in your journey to living your best life too!