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Have you ever thought about having a Content Strategy for your YouTube Channel or Instagram Profile? Having a content strategy is key to developing & growing your personal brand within a specific niche.

Content Strategy is when you develop a brand strategy for your personal brand that consists of techniques & strategies involved during planning to consistently share your content.

What days are best for you to post & share content?
What posts or videos are getting the most engagement & views?
What is your particular niche within beauty or any other niche within the lifestyle, fashion, skincare & etc?

How are you going to share content that will connect you with your personal brand while getting the most views & engagement?

What is your overall Niche?
What are the 3 main topics within that niche?
What are 3 video ideas that you can come up with each topic?

Beauty Blogger's Desk
Here is an example of how you can create a Main Content Topic & then create your content strategies based on what your content & niche is specifically known for. You should have an overall of 5 Main Content Topics and develop 3 for these Main Topics within your Niche.

Topic Niche 1: Skincare for Women over 35
3 Main Topics for Skincare for Women Over 35:
Day/Nighttime Skincare Routine
Best Skincare for dark spots, wrinkles & hyperpigmentation
Best Primers for Combination Oily Skin
3 Videos for the 3 Main Topics in Skincare for Women over 35
Fresh Beauty Skin Care Routine
Loreal Revitalift Moisturizer Review
ELF Cosmetics Matte Primer Review

When doing this, you will develop a strategy to further grow your brand & content.

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