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For most of us, we usually question what we are doing as moms, wives, content creators, social media influencers, entrepreneurs, building a brand or just living our life.

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We begin to question what we are doing because we are redefining our life as we live it. We are redefining our why & purpose for doing things. We are evaluating everything that happens in life & the way that we think throughout our life changes. We are going to evaluate & revaluate they way we want our future to be.

Everyone has a different definition of success. Within time, you will redefine what success means to you. You need the intrinsic & extrinsic motivation to define your biggest reason for success. You need to define your why & define your purpose to motivate yourself. Without motivation how can you define your why?

You also need to become fearless & not worry about what anyone else thinks.  The only person that is going to be receiving the benefits of your hard work, that is going to be successful, that is going to be working with companies or brands or networking & attending events that will grow your brand is you. Not just attend events in which you receive PR Products or get on a brand’s PR list but really develop this into a business. By having that motivation & being fearless you create your own opportunities. Do not be afraid to hear the word “No.” So what if they do not want to collaborate with you or pay for your sponsored post, that does not mean you should give up because a brand tells you “No.” You have to be motivated & fearless to continue. You also have to have the strength in which you do not care about what anyone thinks about what you are doing, how you are doing it, who you are communicating with, who you are networking with, what events you are attending or what party you are going to.

Remember you will have friends who will be in your life for a reason, season or for life.

You have to stay motivated for yourself and do not compare yourself to somebody else’s success. Dont compare yourself to anyone who is attending an event. You have no idea if they are working with a brand, on their PR list, got invited through a friend, was a plus one, is getting sponsored by the brand or has a contract with that brand since it’s not going to bring you an income. You do not know what is going on in their backend or their bank account. Looks can be very deceiving & the way they act can be very deceiving. Actions speak louder than words & success is the work that people see which is often done in silence. You have to work really hard to let success speak for yourself. It is the best thing when you are motivated, find your why & are fearless.

Instead care about what your audience, customers, clients, followers or subscribers want & the impact & value your bring to their life. When you become fearless & define success, you will learn that finding your strength really transpires into something else. You will begin to see how things start positively changing for you.

Remember anything worth having does not come easy.

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