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Most of you are pushing content every single day & sharing it with your audience. I know you want to make a big impact.

Most of you also start asking within a year or two: Why haven’t I made it? How come a brand isn’t reaching out to me? Why am I not getting all these sponsorships? Why am I not getting on these PR Lists?

We begin to go into comparisonitis because we see others getting sponsorships or collaborations. Some of us are afraid to go for the “No.” (Being afraid to hear “no” from a brand or company.)

Part of this journey of growing your brand as an influencer or as a business is to establish yourself as an individual. You also need to establish your work ethic & have the ability to be humble in realizing everything takes time.

Did you know that an entrepreneur becomes an overnight success in 10 years. It takes a lot of hard work to become successful & to keep on being successful. A blog is not going to blow up in a year or two. Exploding on social media platforms does not happen easily.

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Love the Hustle & Respect the Process

Everyone’s journey takes time. Success doesn’t happen quickly. It takes time. You have to love what you are doing, you have to be motivated & you have to want to make a difference in people’s lives. Your content is not about what you want to create but what your audience wants from you to create.

It’s all about understanding that the grind takes time & that success also takes time. To really establish yourself as anything at all, you have to understand you have to love the hustle. You have to be humble enough to be in the grind. To never stop learning, evolving & improving.

You have to love the hustle & embrace it.

Having the right mindset is key but you also need to have the determination to be in the hustle, trust the process & succeed in this long game. You want to establish your audience & community. You need to evolve as a person, brand & business. You have learn from the years that you have been pushing out the content.

Dont make statements like “This is not happening as fast as I want it to.” Stop overanalyzing the process, instead enjoy the process & take it all in. Appreciate your difference & value that you share your audience.

Remember anything worth having does not come easy.

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