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Do you have a blog or are thinking about having a blog?

Most influencers & women have asked me if they should have a blog? And the answer is Yes!

A blog is a website in which you share the content that you own & monetize your blog the way you want to monetize your blog.

You can use affiliate marketing for looks that you created, skin care products, makeup products, equipment to film &/or record your content. Or sharing the plugins, software or website hosts that you use. It is also an organic way for you to share your content with your audience because you are sharing what you love using or wearing with your audience.

You can also share your images on your blog & on Pinterest. In which people will save & share your images (Pins) with their audience, & then their audience will save & share your Pins with their audience. Those repins can drive traffic to your blog & possibly get your more followers or subscribers.

With a blog you can share who you are as a content creator or entrepreneur, you can also share your portfolio,  your press kit or media kit. You can also sell products or courses on your website/blog. You can also use affiliate links for each & every post.

Just think about what do you provide your audience? What are you educating them on & how are you setting yourself apart from other influencers?

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What is the best platform to host your website or blog?

I personally use WordPress, but there is also Wix & Squarespace. If you are just beginning in your Website or blogging journey then think about something you can drag & drop & also do little customizing like Wix or Squarespace. But, if your more tech savvy & want to both personalize & customize your website then I suggest WordPress. WordPress did take me two years to learn & be comfortable using but it’s so worth it to have website that is uniquely your own with your own individual brand & theme.

If you would like more information on creating a website or a tutorial on my You Tube Channel please let me know in the comments below! Thanks so much for listening.

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Thanks so much for listening & supporting a fellow beauty influencer & entrepreneur who wants to educate & empower women through beauty.

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