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Step 1: Determine if you want to be a DBA (Doing Business As) or an LLC ( Limited Liability Company) when creating your own Cosmetic Line. You need to file the paperwork for the DBA or LLC at the Clerk or Court House in the state that you reside in. You can also file the paperwork with Legal Zoom can also be your registered agent for the paperwork associated with your business when creating a cosmetic line.

What do you need to have in order to run your Cosmetic Line?

Step 2: Make Sure you open a Business Checking Account with your local bank and use Quick Books or keep track of your expenses with Google Excel to keep track of your Cosmetic Line Business. You can use Turbo Tax or Quick Books to file your Federal and State Quarterly Taxes. You may also want to get a business credit card to invest capital into your company.

Step 3: Determine if you are buying wholesale makeup for your Cosmetic Line from a Beauty Brand selling Makeup Products they already have or go through a Wholesale Distributor in Alibaba who is gold standard & highly rated.

Should I do research when starting my own Cosmetic Line?

Step 4: Do your research when you are creating your own independent label Cosmetic Line from Wholesale Distributors. There are some Whole Distributors who are not OEM Certified, gold standard or provide you with protection & then there are those that do but you have seen there makeup palettes, brushes or products sold by major companies as well (They may be from a well-known brand or a dupe brand, not all brands create their products overseas). Do your research and do not get into a legal suit over the products you choose. You want the product to be high quality, OEM certified and protected & have the assurance that your product is top of the line. You will have to pay for packaging and cost of shipping.

Step 5: Make sure you have the time, money, investment & knowledge to begin the journey of starting your own cosmetic line.

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