Smile through the bullshit, fake friends & shady women who do not genuinely support other women.

Estela Estremera
Beginning this journey has been a process of growth & realization. There is so much that I can say about those women who have been in my life & in my corner. Those women who have known me since I began this journey within Social Media as an experiment of acceptance for myself. I wanted to feel empowered & inspired by other women who began this journey like I did, for passion & the love of beauty. I also wanted to finally accept & love myself completely because I felt imperfect & curvy. I felt like I didn’t belong & found a sense of community & purpose with other women in my life.
In this industry, we are taught to be competitive, to be better & more creative than the other person even though their artistry is different. We are taught to keep our circle small but yet be non-judgmental of one another, however, we do not live up to this standard? Why? Because the next person is worried about their success & their accomplishments in life. They want to be at the top but forget that it took time, energy & others to get to the level that they are. They forget that once close friendship & bond that they had with another person was real & genuine at the moment. They see themselves “outgrowing” a friendship or evolving past certain peers but they don’t realize that the world of beauty is so small. That we see, hear & observe what others do.
We may take a risk of being genuine, straightforward, too emotional, too invested or committed but I will rather be that, than someone who is non-genuine or shady. Pay attention to the people within your circle & outside of your circle. Be careful of who you let in & do not involve yourself in the bullshit of “success” & “winning.” In the end, we only have this one short precious valuable life & you do not want to live it chasing something that you are not.

When I began this journey, this was an experiment to love myself regardless of the definition or standard of beauty.

I had to learn how to love myself, day by day, while I was becoming the woman that I am today. When I began this journey, I learned that there are different women that you are going to meet in your life. There are some women that you will meet who began this for a passion & purpose but get lost in the translation with how they are growing, developing, interacting & representing themselves with other people, creators & influencers.
Women Bloggers Connecting
I wanted to find women who were like-minded women that had the same goals & ambitions that I had. I was able to meet & interact with other creators & influencers who were also women from the same city, spoke the same language & had similar interests. However, during this process, I learned that this industry is also very competitive & other women truly become threatened by another woman’s success. Some women are worried about their own success instead of the growth of their circle as a whole. Some are conflicted between their individual growth & values while others remain who they are but are unaware of who they have in their circle. While other women are bosses & hold each other accountable by supporting one another.
See in this industry, we are taught to keep our circle small. How can we grow together or how can we positively impact each other’s lives as a whole? People get lost in the thought process of winning. They begin to evolve & change & the women that were who they were, in the beginning, have evolved. While other women remain the same women when they began. It’s these women that are genuine, authentic & remain who they are that will succeed because they are consistent in content & who they are as a person. There is authenticity in what they share, how they share it & how they interact with others in their lives. They are not threatened, they are confident, they are not jealous, they congratulate, they are not worried about their own individual success but will help other women rise to the occasion and they empower others by empowering themselves. These women are the women that do not use competition as a standard for winning but their values & who they are as a person to create the content that sets them apart all while making sure this community succeeds as a whole.Estela Estremera Quote

So I say this as a final thought remember to be genuine, don’t change & remember the reason why you started. Remember your purpose and your passion in this industry. Find women who will congratulate you when they see you winning. Find women that will be in your corner no matter what.

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