Do you want to #ASKESTELASADVICE & be featured in her next Podcast Episode?

#ASKESTELASADVICE is a way for Estela’s Audience to connect with her & ask their questions or seek motivation as a female entrepreneur, content creator &/or beauty influencer.

Estela Estremera in her Office with Podcast Microphone


Just Simply go to the left & click on that Big Orange Button 

1. Click “Start Recording” button below.

2. Record a brief ONE MINUTE message.

3. Listen to your message before sending.

4. Fill out your Name & Email and click “Send”.

By leaving your recording, you give authorization to:
I give “Defining Your Purpose with Estela,” Estela Estremera & her affiliated Websites, permission to use sound recordings of my voice, and I grant all rights of every kind & nature whatsoever in & to the results & proceeds of such sound recordings, including, without limitation, complete, unconditional and exclusive ownership, together with the worldwide right in perpetuity to use & publish, as well as my name, likeness, voice, statements, testimonials & other biographical material in connection therewith, in any form or media whatsoever (now known or later devised). I give up any right I may have to inspect and approve the finished products in which the sound recordings, statements, testimonials, and personal information may be used.