About Me:

I’m a Mom, Educator, Blogger & Beauty Influencer Coach who teaches Beauty Influencers the Business of Influence to Monetize their Brand & Content.  Are you the next #beautyboss?

My Why:

I want to create content that is transparent, that inspires, that educates & empowers women to learn the Business of Influence so that they can monetize their content through their individual brand.

Do You Want To:

  • Be educated on becoming the CEO of your life, your brand & your influence
  • Increase your engagement & grow your individual brand
  • Increase the number of impressions your brand has
  • Learn how to Monetize your content on Social Media
  • Learn how to use SEO throughout Social Media Platforms to increase brand awareness
  • Learn how to research trending topics
  • Learn how to tag YouTube Videos so that your content is searchable
  • Learn how to pitch to brands for sponsorship & collaboration opportunities
  • Learn how to write email pitches & proposals based on project
  • Learn Pinterest Marketing to market your content
  • Manage your social media content
  • Focus on your Zone of Genius & just create content
  • Convert followers into customers or clients?
  • Have your videos or podcasts transcribed

If this sounds like you, then you should definitely read my content, download your FREE social media resources on my site & contact me for my Social Media Management Services so you can focus on your content or individual brand.

Beauty Empowers, Beauty Educates & Beauty Defines. So live life Beautifully.

Estela Estremera & her Podcast Mic

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