This is for you if you are the influencer who wants to succeed. It's not all about numbers for you but it's about your journey, about being an influencer, learning the process, sharing your struggles & literally learning how to navigate in a world where numbers win. You just want to work with brands & get some paid opportunities to be seen & heard. You want to have a loyal audience who watches, follows & comments on your content.

1. You set herself apart
2. Become educated - Read my blog & watch my videos (too many free tips)
3. Become empowered
4. Recognize the bullshit
5. Be smarter
6. Work harder
7. Learn From Your Mistakes
8. Be 100% Genuine & Authentic

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Estela is transforming the lives & individual businesses of Content Creators.

Estela Estremera & her Podcast Mic
  • Be educated on becoming the CEO of your life, your brand & your influence
  • Increase your engagement & grow your individual brand
  • Learn how to Monetize your content on Social Media
  • Learn how to use SEO throughout Social Media Platforms to increase brand awareness
  • Learn how to tag YouTube Videos so that your content is Searchable
  • Learn how to pitch to brands for sponsorship & collaboration opportunities
  • Learn how to write email pitches & proposals based on project
  • Learn Pinterest Marketing to market your content
  • Manage your social media content
  • Convert followers into customers or clients?