Who is That Fat Latina Bloggger?

Hello my beautiful plus size, curvy, body positive, mindful, #selflove warriors.

If you have been following me on the blog for some time you already know that I am all about women empowerment, helping other women succeed in finding themselves in the process of sharing content while being authentic to who they are.

So Why did I Begin this Journey of #ThatFatLatinaBlogger?

  • I was tired of not being offered collaborations or opportunities as a Latina & Content Creator in Beauty because of my size or ethnicity. 
  • I am tired of being compared to society’s ideal of what is beautiful, when as a woman I should not be defined by my size. 
  • I wanted to empower women to love themselves first no matter their size or how they define themselves.
  • I realized in the process of sharing my struggles with my health, my weight & always being defined as “fat,” that there were so many of you who shared this common struggle with me.
  • I wanted to transform my mess into a message & my biggest vulnerability into a purpose. 

This is for Lillian, who taught me to be fearless by being myself.