About Estela

Estela Estremera sharing a blog post on Limiting Yourself & Owning Your Magic
  • I want to empower women to know that their individual Self Worth, Success or Beauty is not defined by Others, we define this for ourselves.  
  • I want to inspire women to embrace their strengths & not allow self doubt or fears to stop them from pursuing their individual happiness.
  • I want women to feel represented, valued & most of beautiful no matter their age or color. #Ageism & #Colorism is real & we need equal representation of women we relate to the most, as mothers, wives, professionals, bloggers, content creators, bosses & CEO’s.
  • If your looking for a woman who is not in her twenties or early thirties sharing the best skincare tips, lifestyle advice, beauty routine or ways to improve your personal brand from experience then join this journey & together we can build a community of like minded women. 

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